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FAQ Guide

FAQ Guide

What material is your jewelry made of?

All of our jewelry is made of stainless steel and goes through a gold PVD coating process which is 10x stronger than standard gold or silver plating, making it waterproof!

What do you mean by waterproof?

Delani Jewelry is coated with a strong PVD coating, which means that you can keep wearing it throughout anything you do during your everyday life. The items will not fade or discolor even when exercising, swimming, or showering.

What is the 14k golden color PVD coating mean?

The 14k gold PVD coating which is mentioned in the description of some of our items is referring to the color of the gold. Gold has different shades, for example, 14k, 18k & 22k are all slightly different in color. You can search on Google for a chart that shows all the variations in color.

Will your items turn my skin green?

The PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating on our items guarantees that you will not go have discoloration or fading issues with our jewelry, meaning no green marks on your skin.

How should I care for my Delani Jewelry?

The best way to clean our items is with a soft cloth and ethyl alcohol. Put a small amount of the ethyl alcohol on the cloth and gently rub the items until they are clean. This is the most sanitizing and efficient way of dealing with our jewelry.

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